Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Did I Go To Breakfast?

Providentially, no.

The next morning, my son awoke with a high fever.  The flu had struck.  I don't normally rejoice when my kids get sick, but I did on that particular day.

I did call the parish to let the rather caustic priest know that we wouldn't be able to come to breakfast, but there was no answer.  I think I did leave a voicemail, although I can't exactly recall.  If there was an answering machine, I'm quite sure I left a message.  I just don't remember if there was an answering machine.  There probably was.

When my son recovered from his illness, we again showed up at the daily Mass.  I was again excoriated from from the altar by the rather caustic priest for irresponsibly not showing up for the breakfast.  When I tried to explain that my son had woken up with a fever, but that I had tried to call in order to let him know we wouldn't be coming, he replied, in a very withering tone, "Oh, SURE you did."  Again, I prevented my opinions from making their way from my head out of my mouth.

We now attend a different parish.  And I never talk to any of the priests.  I just say my prayers and try not to be noticed. ;-)

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