Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Women Want

This is much more complicated than "What Guys Want." But I will give it a shot.

Like guys, women do want sex. Let's not kid ourselves here. Women enjoy sex -- just the same as their male counterparts -- in spite of what some ultra-conservative types may tell you. I get really annoyed with the ultra-conservative types who try to lay all this heavy-handed crap on the ladies. Like it is their responsibility to control the men, because men just can't help being horny. I will not argue that women's sexuality differs from that of dudes, because it does. But, they still have desire. And it can be very strong. So, who is responsible here? We are responsible for ourselves. I would never -- for a stinking minute -- let my son get away with the idea that a girl could be responsible for his sexual actions.

Thank-you for letting me get that off of my chest.

Now, what else do women want? It depends on the woman. So, I will just tell a story that I think sums up what a lot of women want. Because it is a story that embodies the love, care, tenderness, consideration, and respect of another human being.

I was in the airport a few weeks ago. And I was sitting in the terminal next to a lovely young family -- husband, wife, two little girls, and a baby boy. The wife was holding the baby and her husband was seeing to the needs of their two girls -- who were probably about 3 and 5 years old. He was getting them snacks and helping them with their games. And he was doing this with great patience and gentleness. Not a hint of annoyance could be seen on his face. And it was an especially sweet sight because he was a rather manly sort of man -- with big muscles and tattoos. His wife was a slender, very feminine-looking creature. And as she sat holding her baby boy, the infant decided he was hungry. She was a nursing mum, so things had to be arranged for her to do this discreetly in the airport terminal. Her husband went to her and tenderly took the baby from her so she could arrange her clothes and seating position. He then handed their son back to her and quietly held a blanket in front of his wife and child so that she could position the baby at her breast without giving everyone a peep show. This manly man then tucked the blanket very gently around his wife and the baby. And he kissed her. Again, he did all this carefully, patiently, lovingly -- without a trace of haste in his actions. And the look on the wife's face as her husband did these things for her reflected her love and appreciation for him. I have never seen a more gracious and grace-filled interaction between a husband and wife.

Not all women desire to marry. Not all women desire a family. Some women want the single life and a career. Some women want a hot lover to go with their single life and their career. Some women want to marry, but not have children. Some women want children, but don't desire marriage. The permutations of what women want are seemingly endless. And I do not wish to disparage any woman's hopes and dreams. But, I have also seen that many women fear marriage and family life because they fear how they will be treated by men. They fear giving their hearts because they have been hurt. Or they have seen loved ones and friends be hurt, and they wish to avoid the pain they have witnessed. And I wonder -- if more women had confidence that their men would treat them the way the husband in the above story treated his wife, would they be more willing to open themselves up to love?

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