Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Just Have To Laugh...

...or else I might cry.

On election night, there was a hash tag being used on Twitter.  It was #stayinline.  This hash tag was meant to communicate to people who were lined up at various polling places around the country that they should not give up and leave even if the time was nearing for the polls to close.  Hence:  they should "stay in line."  I do believe this hash tag was started by supporters of Obama, who were trying to get out the vote for him.  But, it was advice that could easily by applied to Romney voters, as well.

Anyway, there is this lady who likes to say things on Twitter.  She goes by the name "the normal middle" -- although, she is anything but that.  She is extremely conservative and pretty outspoken.  She made some comments to the effect that she thought #stayinline was an attempt by Obama and his supporters to tell people to "fall in line."  Meaning:  shut up you conservative American people and do what Obama and the liberals say.  She totally misinterpreted the hash tag, taking it (as she seems to do everything coming from the Democrats) as an attack on her own viewpoints and way of life.

And this pretty much sums up my frustration with my own political party.  A lot of Republicans -- and conservatives, in general -- take everything coming from Obama and the Democrats as an assault on them.  They often do not bother to find out the true meaning or intention of what they hear.  They jump to hasty conclusions without gathering all the facts.  They do not give the liberals the benefit of the doubt in any way, shape, or form.

If we are going to move forward as a country, if we are going to solve any of our problems, if we are going to maintain any type of fraternal spirit among the citizens of our nation -- this kind of thing has to stop.  We have to cease the suspicion -- bordering on paranoia -- that so many of us seem to harbor toward one another.

This is a change for which I greatly hope.

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