Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkeys In Black Glad Trash Bags -- And -- If You Fall Out Of Your Wedding Dress

Happy Thanksgiving!

First, I will talk about the wedding dress thing. 

My younger daughter, Bridget, was telling me that a friend of a friend was wearing a strapless wedding dress for her special day.  While dancing at the reception, she had a wardrobe malfunction -- and fell out of said dress.  My daughter was expressing to me how utterly humiliating such a thing would be.  Her eyes were big and her face was rather red as she imagined having this experience.  "Listen," I told her,  "If that happens to you, you just shove it back in and keep on dancing.  No. Big. Deal."  There are much larger problems in life than accidentally flashing your wedding guests.

I don't know why I thought of telling you about this.  But, there it is.

Now, onto the Thanksgiving-related story.

While I was growing up -- and well beyond -- my mother hosted Thanksgiving every year.  My mother is an excellent cook and a fine thrower of excellent parties.  She is also very neat and tidy and detail-oriented.  So, within a couple of hours of the end of the meal, the leftover turkey would always, ALWAYS be completely carved up and laid appealingly on plates in the refrigerator.  And this is how I thought everybody did it. 

Then, at age 22, I met my husband.  The day following Thanksgiving, I was hanging out at his family's house.  His mother had also cooked a fine meal for the holiday.  As lunchtime approached, my then-boyfriend and I decided to make some turkey sandwiches.  Upon opening the refrigerator, I saw a large black trash bag, of the GLAD brand.  Looking inside, I saw the leftover turkey.  The WHOLE turkey carcass, mind you.  Meat, bones, everything -- still intact.  With the leftover stuffing still inside it.  My husband took the bag containing the turkey out of the fridge and we cut some meat off the bones, scooped some stuffing from the cavity, and made sandwiches.  And he was acting, the entire time, as if this was a totally normal thing.  A leftover turkey carcass, complete with stuffing, inside a trash bag, in the refrigerator.  I was floored.  I would never, for the life of me, have imagined such a thing.  And I thought it was SO COOL! 

What is the significance of this story?  Well, it is a Thanksgiving story -- and today is Thanksgiving.  But, it also basically reflects the nature of my husband's and my relationship.  It reflects our individual upbringings and ways of looking at life.  It reflects how those two upbringings and ways of looking at life meet each other in pretty much every situation that we encounter.  And I think it is a formula that works out quite satisfactorily.  Usually, anyhow. ;-) 


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