Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Penny In The Purse...

...or the wallet.

My daughter Bridget and I went shopping today.  She needed a new purse.  Her old purse was growing mold.  Ewww.

She chose a darling bag.  Red on the outside.  Little red bows at the ends of the straps.  Blue interior with white polka dots.  Very much her personality.  I would love a bag like that, but it would just look silly on me.  And I don't think my kids would allow me out of the house with it.

Anyway, we came home and Bridget was removing all of the tissue paper with which purses are generally stuffed.  I imagine there are people in all the Asian purse factories who spend their days filling handbags with tissue paper.  I think we could save a lot of trees by calling a halt to this practice, but I guess the ensuing increase in worldwide unemployment would not be healthy for the global economy.

After she was done with the task of un-stuffing her new purse, Bridget reminded me of something.  That my mother always placed a penny in a handbag or a wallet whenever she gave one as a gift.  She told me as I was growing up that it would bring good luck to the recipient -- and she never, ever, not-even-once neglected this practice.  And my mother gave a lot of handbags and wallets as presents, including to her grand-daughters.   So, Bridget fondly and laughingly told me that the first time she bought herself a purse, she went through all the tissue paper and pockets of her newly-purchased handbag looking for the penny.  She thought they all came with one tucked inside by the purse-factory people.  (Wouldn't that be nice if it were true?) 

This story just brought a smile to my face.  And maybe my mom, hopefully in Heaven above, heard Bridget tell it and had a good laugh herself.

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