Thursday, March 27, 2014

I think I have not changed a bit...

...since high school.

I was thinking about this because of the "Gotham" casting calls.

To back up a little, if you have been reading this blog for a while, you may remember the post wherein I described dragging my best friend through the process of trying out for the high school pom-pom girl squad, even though we had pretty much none of the qualifications for the job.  And, yes, she thought I was pretty crazy, but -- because she was such a nice best friend -- she went along with it.  And, no, we did not make the squad.  Such is life.

Anyway, back to the "Gotham" casting calls.

I have made a wonderful internet friend who runs "Ben McKenzie News."  If you do not know who Ben McKenzie is, then you have obviously not read my blog AT ALL.  Ben is a big star.  He is also a really nice guy.  I have this on good authority.  And he is headlining the upcoming TV show "Gotham."  "Gotham" is a Batman prequel series, and Ben is playing the main character -- Detective Gordon -- who will be the future Commissioner Gordon.

Anyway, the lovely lady who runs "Ben McKenzie News" has, naturally, been giving us daily updates on the filming of the pilot, which is happening, as we speak, in New York City.  It is all quite exciting.  Miss Pinelou, as I shall call her, posts BTS photos and videos, anecdotes, fan pictures, and -- of course -- casting calls.  And when she posts the casting calls, I always imagine which role or roles I would be good for, and I tell her.  And I ask her which role or roles she would want to play.

Now, for many of these roles, there are not a whole lot of requirements.  You might have to possess certain clothes or a certain type of vehicle or have a certain "look."  Some of the roles don't even require you to be a union member.  There have been casting calls for:  prostitutes, cab drivers, diner waitresses, women to drive American cars and trucks back and forth on the street, drummers, funeral-goers, Asian pedestrians, and burlesque dancers. 

This is all very tempting to me.  And I realize that -- were I in NYC -- I would totally be showing up for at least some of these casting calls.  And I would be dragging my lovely friend, Miss Pinelou, along with me.  She would probably be hesitant -- at least at first -- but I would prevail.  Just like I did with my best friend in high school.  Miss Pinelou is from Japan, and one of the casting calls was for Asian people to play pedestrians.  She would be a shoe-in for that one.  I would want to play a prostitute, because it would be fun to wear a tight little outfit after all the dieting efforts I have been putting forth over the past couple of months.  It might also be fun to be a diner waitress.  I think I am earthy-looking enough to be a diner waitress, and it would be a total hoot to call Detective Gordon "hun."  As in, "What'll ya have, hun?" I'd say this as I stood there jauntily, with a coffee pot in one hand and my other hand on my hip.  Miss Pinelou and I would also be quite adept at driving the American cars up and down the street, or standing solemnly at the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne.  Of course, the casting call said that you had to have upscale funeral clothes for the funeral scene, and I don't really have anything like that.  But, I'll bet Miss Pinelou does.  And my daughter Bridget does, so she could come along, too. 


So, you see, I have not changed -- not one bit -- since high school.  And, I admit, this distresses me a little bit.  But, it also makes me more than a little bit happy inside. ;-)

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