Monday, December 3, 2012

But, If In Spite Of Your Best Efforts...

...somebody breaks your heart or you don't find that special someone -- don't despair.


     If you are a Christian, you believe people are fallen.  All of us are fallen.  And if you're not a Christian, you still know that people can very often do the wrong thing.  Evolutionary mishaps in the DNA, you might say.  So, sometimes, you're gonna get "screwed" by somebody.  Even if you do everything "right."  Even if you use the best possible common sense.  As a wise person told me once, "Most people are nice.  But, some people suck."  And, occasionally, someone who "sucks" is also very good at hiding it.  So, don't beat yourself up if things don't work out with a romantic interest.  Strive to have hope and move forward.  Also -- it is not a bad idea to have a potential partner show you, within the first month or so of a dating relationship, his/her:  photo I.D.,  high school and/or college diploma, bank statements, and proof of car insurance.  I actually did this to the poor man who -- believe it or not -- actually married me, as I had been through a somewhat bad experience previously.

     And don't start thinking that there is necessarily something "wrong" with you if you don't marry.  There are times when it just doesn't happen for somebody.  Go ahead and have a happy and adventurous life.  I had a teacher in high school who was in her 50's and had never married.  She was positive, outgoing, witty, engaging, and smart as hell.  She also had tons of friends and an active social life.  And she was one of the best teachers I have ever had, because she had the time and energy to devote to the task.  So, make the most of your life, if you end up as a single person.  Don't fritter away the years wishing for something that might not ever happen.  That is a waste of your precious time on this precious earth.  A waste of the gift you have been given in getting to be here.  And that would be a very sad thing, indeed.

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