Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning Almanac


*Noticing God's Glory:  Went for a walk with Augusta the greyhound (who sure walks SLOWLY for a totally in-shape racing dog; you would never imagine...).  The sun was shining and there were birds of all sizes going about their business -- tiny little yellow things and two glorious hawks making their glorious hawk noises.

*Listening To:  My son play the Wii.  He got home from college on Saturday night. Yay!!!

*Clothing Myself In:  Jeans and a Harley t-shirt.  And Chanel No. 5.  A classic outfit...

*Talking With My Children About:
     -For The Girls -- How to recognize when you have had more than enough patience with the rudeness of a fellow.  Well-developed biceps and triceps do not suffice, even if they are combined with a certain wittiness and an acceptable IQ.  Sorry, sir.  But, we have high standards in this family.
     -For My Son -- Telling him how proud I am of him for not being a rude fellow.

*Thinking And Thinking:  About how maybe "thinking" is sufficient.  "Thinking and thinking" just exhausts me.  Although, it is fun to think and think about certain things -- like how much fun it would be to drive a cop car in a high speed chase.  Or fly a cop helicopter during a high speed chase.  Or "slap the cuffs" on someone.

*Pondering Prayerfully:  The gift of sweet online acquaintances and kindnesses.

*Carefully Cultivating Rhythm:  When I watch people who try to do this in an over-arching manner, I see that most of them just get frustrated.  I have seen it in homemaking and homeschooling.  Grand plans for an orderly life rhythm usually just get dashed.  I simply decide what to do each day while having my morning coffee or taking my morning shower.  And then I allow for the most distinct possibility that Bridget is going to have a medical emergency of some sort, which will cause me to drop all of my previous plans.  Poor sweetie.

*Creating By Hand:  um... well... #fail.  But, Bridget is making the most beautiful quilt for her friend's wedding gift.

*Learning Lessons In:  Last week, a lovely young woman "tweeted" about how older men are far more interesting to her than younger ones.  It made me look at my husband anew; and I realized how he actually is both cooler and hotter at 51 than he was at 25.

*Encouraging Learning:  Bridget is encouraging me to learn.  She has requested that I read "Paradise Lost" over the Christmas season.  So, I will.  That "Shades Of Grey" book will have to wait until 2013.

*Begging Prayers:  For my mom, who is recovering from surgery.  And for Bridget, who is still struggling to recover fully from an asthma attack she had last week.

*Keeping House:  We cleaned for Thanksgiving.  Why is it starting to look dirty again already???

*Crafting In The Kitchen:  If you heat one of those chocolate croissants from Starbucks in a 300 degree oven for 12 minutes...WOW!!!

*Loving The Moments:  When all three kids are at home.  They enjoy each others company so much.  I don't mean to brag -- but, it makes me feel like I did something right.  Even if I don't really "create by hand" or "keep house" or "craft in the kitchen."  Actually, I used to keep the house immaculate.  Just immaculate.  And it drove everybody nuts.  It truly did.

*Giving Thanks:  That I still know how to keep my husband on his toes.  He is such a sweetly contented person.  So, I enjoy shaking him up a little.  Like on Saturday evening -- when we went to pick our son up at the airport -- I saw that Japan Airlines is now flying out of San Diego.  So, I told my honey, "I love JAL!"  And I asked him, "Will you go somewhere with me if I buy some tickets?"  He looked kind of alarmed and said that it all depended on where we would go.  Bridget said, "Daddy, the destination doesn't matter.  She just wants to fly on JAL." (Bridget gets me.  She really does.)  This made my husband go from looking kind of alarmed to looking EXTREMELY alarmed.  Poor guy...  You have my permission to feel a little sorry for him. ;-)

*Living The Liturgy:  It is now Advent, so I went to Confession on Saturday.  That was before the above-described airport incident, though.  So, I suppose I need to go back again... (To Confession, that is.  Not the airport.)

*Planning For The Week Ahead:  See "Carefully Cultivating Rhythm" above.  Although, we are hoping to put our Christmas tree up on Saturday. 

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