Monday, December 17, 2012

Circle Of Quiet

On another mom's blog this morning, she spoke briefly about how today many people would be forming a "Circle Of Quiet," out of prayerful respect for the terrible events in Connecticut.  I guess I am not technically being quiet, as I am sitting here typing.

This idea resonates with me, though, as all the "noise" over this tragedy causes me a great deal of internal pain.  The TV, radio, the newspapers, the internet have all been loudly roaring about this awful happening over the past days.  It's not that I blame people for speaking out, for crying out.  And maybe it is because I am a bit of an introvert that the outcry causes me almost physical pain.  I have tried not to tune into it very much, but it is rather unavoidable.  It's not the gentle, prayerful words that I find so painful.  It is more the angry words, the words of blame, the accusations, the wild guessing at motives and causes that is hard for me.  We really don't know anything about the shooter, what was in his mind.  It seems likely that we never will.  And I know the "gun control" laws in our country are rather insane -- at least it seems so to me.  But, in the face of the unspeakable heartbreak so many are experiencing, is it fair to unceasingly, incessantly hammer on about the shooter and firearm laws?  It seems a bit insensitive to me.  Although, I guess some would say that doing so is a form of respect for the memory of those killed.  I don't know...

So, when this lovely mom spoke about a "Circle Of Quiet" today, it struck me as a brilliant idea.  I think she was primarily speaking of quiet in terms of blogs and social media, but perhaps we can take it further.  Perhaps we can strive for silence in our homes, silence from our mouths, silence in our minds, silence in our hearts and souls...   And if we are people who practice it, a bit of silent prayer may even be more beneficial than all the talking and typing -- all the noise -- put together.  And if you are not the praying type, well...can we agree that better solutions to problems more often come out of silent, centered hearts and minds than chaotic ones?

Peace to you...

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