Friday, April 19, 2013

Shawn Hatosy, Ben McKenzie, and Father Buckley's Miniskirt Rule

Y'all probably know who Shawn Hatosy and Ben McKenzie are by now.  If you don't, you haven't been reading my blog. ;-)

But, y'all might not know who Father Buckley is.  Father Buckley is a priest who:

     1. was one of my husband's favorite teachers at the University of San Francisco
     2. officiated at my wedding -- and --
     3. is now a chaplain at Thomas Aquinas College -- my daughter Bridget's alma mater. 

So, he has been close to our family for many years.

And he is amazing.  He is wise and kind and funny and down-to-earth.  He is exceptional with young adults.  He used to live on my husband's dorm floor and take care of all the young men when they were sick -- or had hangovers. 

He is also very well-educated and was my husband's teacher for Western Civilization.  As a teacher, he promoted a rule among his students for the writing of papers.  It is known as The Miniskirt Rule.

The Miniskirt Rule States:

Pretty brilliant, huh?  And what student could ever forget that advice?

Anyway, there has been much commenting on Twitter this week about horrific national tragedies, things political, and the fate of certain TV shows.  And this brought to my mind Father Buckley's famous Miniskirt Rule.

Many people have been Tweeting up a storm -- one thing after another, all day and all night -- concerning the issues mentioned above.  It is a bit overwhelming.  And, perhaps, not incredibly effective.  When one feels overwhelmed, sometimes it is just easier to tune everything out and watch "Duck Dynasty."

Here is where Mr. Hatosy and Mr. McKenzie come in. 

They have used Twitter to express their opinions on these matters.  They have used the medium wisely, though -- saying enough to get your attention and encourage you think about things, but not so much that you have to go to the medicine cabinet to get some Advil.  They have put into practice, in an online fashion, Father Buckley's Miniskirt Rule.  And I don't think they even know him.  They have also expressed their thoughts in a way that is classy, clever, and intelligent -- qualities that I know Father Buckley always appreciated in papers.

So I would like to thank you, Mr. Hatosy and Mr. McKenzie, for both your good example of how to behave online and for your intelligent, interesting thoughts.

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