Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"SouthLAnd" -- I Look To "Reckoning" While Eating My Words

I would normally write this post tomorrow, after I had time to digest all the happenings of tonight's "SouthLAnd" episode.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, though, I will be unable to blog for the next several days.  So, I'm going to get some basic thoughts down and maybe come back to it next week, before the season finale.

My insides are still trembling from the happenings of this evening's show.

And I have to eat my words.  At least some of them.

Ben is bad.  As my daughter said, "Ben is bad.  BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD." Yep.  Totally and completely bad.  I knew he had Elena's brother break into Sammy's house to steal the tape and some other stuff -- to make it look like a robbery.  But, I admit, I didn't think he had it in him to have the young idiot wreck the place.  I also believed he wouldn't want it to look like the gang had broken into Sammy's home.  I thought Ben would figure that Sammy would go after Strokeface.  But, I FORGOT one very important thing.  Sammy had discouraged Ben from going after the gangsters who allegedly shot Mendoza.  So, I guess Ben thought this meant that Sammy wouldn't go after Strokeface.  Leave it to me to forget such an important piece of information.  I guess it's a good thing I'm not a detective.  If I were a detective, I'd have to have the world's greatest and most detailed detective notebook, or I would completely blow all my cases.  But, Ben also forgot one very important fact.  The fact of TESTOSTERONE and that Sammy has plenty of it.  No self-respecting cop dude is going to let a gang break into and wreck his house and say to himself, "It's ok.  I'm cool.  I'll just relax and do the logical thing and let the detectives handle it."  HA!  Ben should have, as a guy himself, realized this.  "Pride goeth before the fall," is the old saying.  And Ben certainly has plenty of pride.  Enough for several people, in fact.  And it seems that his pride got in the way of his planning.

And I must apologize to Sammy.  He is a saint.  Well, maybe not a saint exactly.  But, the questionable things he does are in NO WAY comparable to the crap Ben pulls.  And when Sammy does wrong, his conscience does get the better of  him and he backs away from the abyss.  Ben just plunges over the edge.  So, Sammy --  I am VERY, VERY sorry.  I grovel in the dust at your feet.  Although, I'm still not convinced you didn't steal the money from the robbery.

So, what can we expect from next week's season finale?  I know Ben McKenzie tweeted that he is doing the pilot of his new show in second position to a sixth season of "SouthLAnd."  I know he has stated that he loves "SouthLAnd" and wants to remain.  I don't know what he will remain as, though.  Is he going to join forces with Elena and her brother, going south of the border and eventually establishing himself as the new head of a big drug cartel?  He certainly has the personality for that.  "SouthLAnd" could go on for several more seasons, with the LAPD waging war against "Ben Sherman's Drugs 'R' Us."   Heck, he could throw a little arms dealership in on the side.  Maybe he will be caught, though, and he will spend Season 6 in prison, with much drama swirling about him.  In my last post, I discussed the fact that Sammy is going to be in a helicopter in Episode 10, and I joked that perhaps he is chasing Officer Ben.  Well, now I think I might have (inadvertently) been correct.  Although, unlike I jokingly stated in that last post, there probably won't be any "Happily Ever After" for Ben Sherman.

It's possible that Ben McKenzie will do his new show -- "The Advocates" -- while occasionally popping by "SouthLAnd" to be on trial or run the cartel (or the bar, if he does get that happy ending I dreamed up for him).  I don't know if that would be allowed in television land, though.  It would be one heck of a contract negotiation.

I also heard a little something that made me believe that "The Advocates" is being looked at as one of the hot new shows for the upcoming season.  So, was Ben McKenzie's tweeting just a little purposeful misinformation meant to throw us off track?  Or, am I wrong again, like I was in thinking Officer Sherman hadn't done all of those wicked things?  Time will tell...

And if Mr. McKenzie's tweeting was purposeful misinformation, I must admit that I will have a hard time believing anything he says ever again.  But, I'll always be a fan. ;-)

Oh, one final thought.  How is it that Brooke thinks that by giving b-jobs to all the other cops she is somehow going to make Officer Ben feel repentant or bad or whatever??? That girl makes no sense.  But, she is colorful. 

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