Friday, May 9, 2014

Speaking Of My Navigational Skills...

...or lack thereof.

Yesterday, Bridget and I went to LA.  We had a most wonderful time! First, we went to a Young Storytellers Foundation show at an elementary school.  The Young Storytellers Foundation is my most favorite thing in this whole world.  Afterwards, we went to a place called The Grove.  There is no point in going to The Grove to try to identify celebrities, because everyone there is a celebrity.  Pretty much, anyway.  So, the best thing is just to try to blend in and not look awkward and out-of-place.  Bridget had helped me to find a good outfit in which to disguise myself.  It seemed to work.  I did not attract any undue negative attention and everyone was very friendly and welcoming.  Bridget and I had a lovely dinner at The Grove (where she was much admired by the handsome young waiter person, who is probably an actor).  We also looked at the wonderful dancing fountain and shopped in some of the amazing stores.  Let me tell you -- Nordstrom at The Grove is NOT the same store as Nordstrom in Escondido.  I really wanted this pair of shoes I saw at Nordstrom.  They were a pair of ballet flats with a kitty cat face on them.  And the eyes of the kitty cat were jewels.  It was pretty much the most awesome pair of shoes, EVER.  But, they cost something like $500.  So, I did not buy them.  But, someday, I might.  If I have enough to drink at the trendy restaurant.


Back to my navigational "skills".

Usually, when I go to LA, I take the Toll Road.  The Toll Road connects the 5 to the 405, and it is a very nice way of avoiding a bunch of traffic.  The Toll Road that connects the 5 to the 405, as you are going north from San Diego, is something like the 73.  I'm a little unsure right now.  On this particular trip, though, we stayed on the 5, because we weren't getting on the 405.  We were going right from the 5 to the 10. 

On the way home, we went a slightly different way back to the 5.  After we left The Grove, we got on the 101.  We were taking that back to the 5.  As we were driving along, I saw a sign that said "Toll Road".  But, it was the 133 (or something like that), not the 73.  Unaware that there is more than one Toll Road, I figured that maybe it had a different number to go south, versus to go north.  So, I asked Bridget if I should get on it.  Quite taken aback, she replied (in a very alarmed tone of voice), "No!  We'll end up WAY east of where we want to be.  Why are you even thinking that?!?!"  I patiently explained my thinking that perhaps the same Toll Road was numbered differently for going in different directions.  It turns out that there is more than one Toll Road in Southern California.  You learn something new every day, eh? 

Bridget will now NEVER, EVER let me drive to LA alone.

Oh well, at least there are many, many cute waiters (a.k.a. actors) in LA by whom she can be admired.

Which brings up another thing.  Whenever I go anywhere with Bridget -- which I do often, because (for reasons of visual problems) she doesn't drive -- she is checked out by hot guys.  Sometimes, I am checked out by guys, too.  But, they're usually over 60 and not all that hot.  Occasionally, though, I am checked out by a hot young guy who seems to be into "cougars".  Too bad for those guys, though.  They need to move on to the proverbial "greener pastures", for I am not of the feline variety.  Anyway, when Bridget is checked out by these hot guys, I am not quite sure what to do with my eyes.  Where do I look?  At the ceiling?  At the ground?  Do I pretend I don't notice?  Do I give the hot guys dirty looks?  That seems mean.  Do I just let them know -- in a nonchalant way -- that I do notice, but that I am cool about it, as long as they are gentlemanly.  Poor Bridget.  She could have all kinds of boyfriends if she didn't have to take her mum with her everywhere.  She is a good sport, though, and the whole thing seems to amuse her.  Besides, I did buy her one awesome steak at The Grove.  And also an awesome designer t-shirt (which was -- in a manner of speaking -- on sale).

So, here's to our next adventure to LA.  Unless, of course, we end up in Vegas. :p

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