Wednesday, August 1, 2012


People I know and love and respect and admire are very concerned about modesty. Of women's clothing. In Church. It has been said that women -- most likely, young and pretty women -- should be careful not to distract dudes in Church. And I suppose this is a valid concern, but I just get annoyed by the whole thing. First of all, boys getting distracted by girls is just a natural phenomenon and no one should feel guilty about it. I just tell my son that if a girl, or anything else, distracts him in Church, to just gently bring his attention back to the Mass. No. Big. Deal.

I also don't think it's quite fair to put everything on the girls. I mean, let's face it, the guys can be pretty distracting, too. Maybe Ben McKenzie should be asked to wear long sleeves anytime he goes into a house of worship? I mean, have you seen those forearms? :)

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