Friday, August 17, 2012

The Bikini Battle

There is apparently a lot of controversy surrounding the wearing of The Bikini.  Is it modest enough?  Is it ever appropriate for a proper young lady to wear one?  Should you allow pictures of yourself wearing said swimwear to appear on Facebook?

Now, this is a personal decision, which each lady needs to make for herself, perhaps in conjunction with parents and faithful friends.  But, this is my take on the whole thing.

I was always allowed by my mother to wear The Bikini.  My mother was fairly strict, and there were some rules that I was expected to follow.  As far as the panty portion of The Bikini was concerned, it needed to sufficiently cover the entire bum, and the waistband could not dally too far below the navel.  As far as the top portion of The Bikini was concerned, it had to sufficiently cover the breasts.  I hope I have not offended you by using the word "breasts".  Sorry if I have....  These rules were not only set forth because my mother was concerned about feminine dignity, but because they allowed me to actually swim and dive while wearing The Bikini without fear of having it come off at inconvenient times.  I could also have surfed in The Bikini, but I never learned how to surf -- something which saddens me even unto this very day.  Thus, my bikinis were truly pieces of swimwear.  I was never embarrassed wearing The Bikini and I was never inappropriately ogled by dudes.  Sometimes, as a young woman, I thought it would be fun to be inappropriately ogled by dudes, but that is a different issue.  And, now, I am grateful for the common sense of my mother.  Who, by the way, also wore 2-piece swimsuits well into her 30's.

Thus, I come to the next issue -- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all those other wondrous social networking inventions that I love.  People go to the pool.  People go to the beach.  People go to the hot-tub.  People take pictures of each other at these places and send them to these internet sites, where they can easily be viewed by God-knows-who.  And it is understandable for a pretty young lady not to want to become a pin-up in the room of God-knows-who in some foreign country, the name of which she can't even pronounce.  Discretion, therefore, is important.  But, also, if you are following my mother's rules concerning The Bikini and you are not acting like a drunken, partying maniac, it should not be too much of a worry.

This, therefore, is my take on The Bikini.  Use your judgement and do what is comfortable for you.  Don't be pressured by others.  Whether to wear The Bikini or not is your decision.  Make it wisely and have fun in the water!

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